Goat Tuff Premium Glue is our original, user friendly formula. Our Premium Glue is a slightly thinner viscosity glue in comparison to the High Performance Glue. This means a very similar, strong bonding glue offering less mess, with less glue, and getting the most from every drop.

NOTE: Approximate arrows fletched per bottle – 7 gram. (7 doz) .5 oz, (15 doz) 1 oz. (30 doz) 2 oz. (60 doz)

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  • Thicker formula than Goat Tuff Premium Glue
  • Cyanoacrylate glue is engineered to cure quickly when applied using a very thin glue line.
  • GOAT TUFF Glues are the strongest, fastest drying glues on the market.
  • Use glue sparingly. Less is better.
  • GOAT TUFF glues contain no solvents and are nonflammable.
  • Will bond a broad range of materials including most plastics, rubber, leather, metal, wood and more.
  • To guarantee the maximum performance characteristics of the glue, parts to be glued should be clean and free of all contamination.
  • To prevent glue contamination do not mix glues, or pour new glue into used glue bottles.
  • Goat Tuff fletching glue has a shelf life of up to 2 years when stored in a cool, dry location (40 to 70 degrees F.) out of direct sunlight.
  • To maximize shelf life, store in refrigerator. Allow glue to come back to room temperature before using.

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7 g (7 dozen arrows), .5 oz (15 dozen arrows), 1 oz (30 dozen arrows), 2 oz (60 dozen arrows)


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