The 2nd Generation Optimum Archery Vane

The new lower profile vane and aero-dynamic designs provides greater surface area than the original OPTI-VANE to increase steerage and promote greater accuracy even when shooting broadheads. This new design has also shown to increase arrow speed over standard vanes. For the crossbow, shooting the OPTI-VANE II’s lower profile provides clearance for all models.

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  • 24% More Surface Area for Optimum Steerage
  • Lower Profile for Optimum Clearance
  • Aerodynamic Design for Optimum Arrow Speed
  • For Optimum Accuracy, Durability, and Adhesion
  • For Optimum Broadhead Flight/Performance
  • Optimum Clearance for Crossbows


This patented process combines two different proprietary materials into a single vane that optimizes adhesion, durability, and arrow flight.


The softer base material possesses optimum adhesive properties so every vane is easier to glue and secures with greater strength to the arrow shaft regardless of impact or weather conditions. Black colored base allows for easy glue visibility.


The stiffer blade material provides optimum reliability and durability. Is unaffected by extreme shooting conditions and holds up to Shoot-Thru Arrow Rests.

Arrow Flight:

The stiff blade with high profile tapered design; modified parabolic profile and consistent light weight are optimized to allow for rapid arrow stabilization, increased arrow speed, and dependable flight consistency for greater accuracy.

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